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Make sure to be on time if you want to get in. Some performances might be very loud. Le Guess Who? Program Guide 7. Adrian Sherwood at the Controls x3 feat. At Le Guess Who? Her that plunge notion. To hear music skip so radically across exotic new touchstones, Anna Meredith who needs reality, right? LeProgram Guess Who? Guide Program 11 Guide Whether he comes up with nihilist disco tunes or sexually depraved nursery rhymes, Pink often manages to unnerve and charm the listener simultaneously.

This instantly made Meredith a mainstay in British music culture and media. Another cool factoid: British rock heavyweights Foals have been using her majestic Steve Reichian opus Nautilus as their entrance music. Cox basically. This brainchild of former Fly Pan Am bass player and composer Jean Sebastien Truchy is quite the cluster bomb of extravagant stylistics. Debut LP Zubberdust! Program Guide Baba hails from Burkina Faso, a small African country landlocked between Mali, Togo, Benin, Niger and Ghana, and this interesting demographic had a profound impact on his music.

The Babe Rainbow While some 60s revivalist bands wear their psychedelic-themed image like a tight fitted suit, The Babe Rainbow does so appropriately: like an oversized tie dye dashiki shirt. Working as a freelance musician in Motown, he found kindred spirits in fellow pioneers Art Blakey, Lee Morgan and Wayne Shorter before his career took. At the age of 75, Bennie Maupin is still seeking out fruitful collaborations with young avid jazz cats.

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By doing so, he inspires new generations to unshackle themselves from past conventions, much like his peers have inspired him to do the same. Founded in by guitarist Jace Lasek and and bassist Olga Goreas, The Besnard Lakes are equally adept at producing transcendental LPs as doing more subtle commissioned work. Black Emperor and Thee Silver Mt. Zionstalwart Efrim Menuck. Program Guide. As a matter of fact, the chemistry between them worked out so well that Black Oak has now blossomed into a full-fledged band with a pending debut LP, titled Equinox. To put it more succinctly: two captains, one ship!

Power once again proves himself to be a nohalf-measures kind of guy with Dumb Flesh, the second LP released under his Blanck Mass moniker. Bob Forrest Even cats would be envious of the many lives Bob Forrest has led. During the early s, Forrest was widely known as the electric frontman of cult postpunk outfit Thelonious Monster.

As luck would have it, Forrest lives to tell about it after all with aptly-titled solo LP Survival Songs. With a playful kind of frenzy, Bo Ningen skips base with post-punk, heavy metal, acid rock and experimental noise. Amidst all that perplexing cacophony, the band fleetingly sequesters moments of compelling beauty as well.


Technique-wise however, these pariahs remain strongly rooted in death metal, heralding it to new evolutionary plains. After experiencing a special synergy with this cast of musicians, Acda invited them back to produce its exuberant follow-up, The Sparkle In Our Flaws.

Chelsea Wolfe is known for her bleak but richly embellished folk records, yet her latest LP Abyss is a complete game changer. This time, Wolfe unleashes a blight of abrasive black metal guitars, jarring industrial barrages and intense vocal spouts upon the listener. In the mid-sixties, Palestine became known as The Quasimodo Of 53rd Street for his unorthodox approach to the carillon. Aubrey, whose office was stationed close to the belltower, disagreed. Ever since, Palestine has carved out a wondrous career throughout the decades, highlighted by his entrancing piano opus Strumming Music.

The Kansas-born, Brussels-based musician, visual artist and composer had an epiphany when she performed with Sparklehorse back in It was Mark Linkous who inspired her to release her first solo ambient albums after previously making up one half of minimal drone outfit The Dead Texan. Simply calling The Crazy World of Arthur Brown a one-hit wonder would sell this incendiary ringmaster of theatrical rock short. As a matter of fact, Brown stood ablaze at the crossroads from where progressive, glam and psychedelic rock would eventually blossom. Friel himself, however, insists that beneath all that racket, he essentially writes melodic pop songs.

Instead of painting an idyllic picture with melodies and sounds, Friel seems to resign to the idea that no listening experience is absolute. After all, even a pristine piece of vinyl gets compromised by sounds of traffic or birds. Instead of letting pure noise act as a trespasser, Friel ushers it into his own sonic domain with gleeful spirit. Arbouretum is epitomized by its monolithic heavy-melodic surges, mournful sounding vocals and arcane lyrics that often reference Eastern.

This not only earned Penn newfound acclaim after a year sabbatical from the music industry, it granted her the required leeway to launch label Da Beat as a vehicle for both present and past material. A Deerhunter show often feels like a toss up: which Bradford Cox will show up this time?

The extravagant court jester who provokes madness on a whim, or the brooding tunesmith who sears your insides with poised, bittersweet delivery? Skodvin and Otto A. Even though Deaf Center was hailed as one of the flagship artists of the post-classical movement, Totland and Skodvin were more preoccupied following their own creative muse. Jacco Gardner Presents: Cabinet of Curiosities Death and Vanilla employs a deliciously tactile fusion of cobwebbed gloominess and stirring art rock in the vein of Broadcast, Mazzy Star and Stereolab.

Her debut LP The Expanding Flower Planet feels like an exotic cosmic excursion, vibrant songs that simultaneously feel intimate, hypnotic and self-contained like tiny snow globe universes. Demdike Stare Sunn O Presents Demdike Stare is one of those special projects that makes one think of music as a collective vocabulary rather than some commodified product. Destroyer Le Guess Who? Bejar propelled Destroyer from its oddball experimentalist heyday to the celebrated pop deserter it is today.

Instead of veering towards contemporary club culture, Dollkraut draws inspiration from bygone places, sampling old movie soundtracks and show themes, exuding core aesthetics from German krimis, kung fu flicks, Italian westerns, Arabic disco and B-movies. Despite the cutting edge nature of the music, the album won the inaugural Australian Music Prize that same year.

Jacco Gardner Presents: Cabinet of Curiosities As the creative force behind Dungen, Swedish wunderkind Gustav Ejstes traverses the realms of progressive and psychedelic rock, jazz, easy listening and regional folk with a childlike zest.

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Ejstes grew up in the rural town of Lanna as the son of a violin player. By his late teens, he immersed himself in hip hop and its heritage to the singular soul and funk sonics from the late 50s and beyond. This prompted Ejstes to abandon sampling and learn to play as many live instruments as humanly possible. With Dungen, Ejstes churns out records just as mind-expanding and adventurous as the ones he sought to emulate. Eartheater As a member of psych-insurgents Guardian Alien, Alexandra Drewchin reaped her infamy as maimer and torturer of anything resembling a musical instrument.

Her lesser known but equally arresting side project Eartheater brings an assemblage of oblique, amorphous sonic collages and transmuted avant-folk vignettes that haunt the listener like volatile spirits. Eartheater consumes itself within a misty billow of white noise that obscures all perceivable conventions and familiarities into unsettling, almost alien sounding music. In his salad days, Lebanon-born, Paris-based composer Elie Maalouf became a self-taught piano prodigy who developed his own distinguished style of playing. A true fan of music, sounds, and materials, Maalouf reconciles and transcends both Eastern and Western traditions.

Wielding a buzuq a type of lute popular in Lebanon, Syria and Palestine Maalouf will perform a taqsim, an improvisational piece that harmonizes the intricate properties of musical notes and intervals. Along with dEUS, these self-proclaimed Destroyers of Rock defined the 90s zeitgeist in Belgium with their genre-hopping habits and notoriously erratic live shows.

The Superstars revel in theatrics much like Zappa and his Mothers, heeding an irksome tendency to lash out with deranged sonic outbursts. The band employs a vast patchwork of minimalist compositions and industrial textures that baffle and bewilder audiences to this day. For instance, their third full-length is very much informed by the unbridled Andes mountain range. Gnaw Their Tongues Curated by Terzij de Horde free entrance Though Gnaw Their Tongues has hardly been quiet during its hiatus, we had to wait a good three years for this Dutch nightmare machine to bring us another violent, doom-laden masterpiece.

At the same time, Goatsnake records have a far more sinister, primeval and downright disturbing aura. Her solo work is often characterized by the broad spectrum of sounds she discharges from her instrument, which fluctuate from intimate simplicity to huge, majestic soundscapes.

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Possessing a mesmerizing voice that flutters like a flame over a candle, Istanbul-based painter-turned-singer Gaye Su Akyol finds herself at the forefront of a burgeoning Turkish alternative music scene across the Black Sea Coast. After Das Racist disbanded, Heems prospered as an influential activist and artist in New York, whose work.